Endermology is the science of cellular stimulation developed by LPG and validated by more than 110 scientific studies.

Thanks to its principle of Mechano-Stimulation, the skin is stimulated on the surface to generate biological responses deep down in a painless, non-invasive and non-aggressive manner. The balance between the production and elimination of fat is a process naturally ensured by adipocytes.

Despite a perfect lifestyle and regular physical activity, the activity of these cells slows down, causing an acceleration of fat storage. Excess volume and cellulite appear in specific areas.

At the same time, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, the skin loses its density, becomes thin and slackens.

Lipomassage allows you to reactivate your cells naturally! Session after session, the quality of the skin improves, the silhouette is more toned, it’s simple, the more you do, the better you feel and it shows!

Resistant fats are removed, curves are harmoniously resculpted, dimpled areas are smoothed and the skin is firmer, naturally!

Treatment Price
Alliance Endermology 35′  79 €
Alliance Endermology 35′ subscription 11+1869 €
Endermology 35′ subscription 20+31374 €
Endermology 45′87 €
Endermology 45′ subscription 14+2  1220 €
Endermology 45′ subscription 20+31743 €
Endermology 15′ 37 €
Lipomassage 15′ subscription 18+2666 €


This cold therapy promises immediate and permanent effects!

He is a true sculptor of the face and body. Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method and has very good results on fat reduction, orange peel effect and skin firming.

The principle of operation: The fat cells, very sensitive to cold, will be confronted with a big variation in temperature, the thermal shock! This shock will generate a gradual process of spontaneous elimination of adiposity.

In addition, by cooling the body temperature, the blood circulation will accelerate and will allow the elimination of toxins and calories much more easily.


The tripolar radiofrequency will penetrate +/- 3 cm into the skin and will be slowed down by the fat alone. It will warm the content of the fat cells, liquefy the glycerol and make the cell porous.

By this stimulation of a completely natural process, lipolysis, glycerol will be able to escape from the cell and pass into the bloodstream. The body then eliminates it extremely quickly through the liver and by internal combustion of the extra glycerol.

This treatment significantly improves skin texture and rejuvenates the body and face. The effects on the face will be mainly the reduction of wrinkles, firming, reduction of scars. The body will benefit from a massive reduction of localized fat, a reduction in volume and cellulite, a consequent firming and a great improvement or even disappearance of stretch marks.


Based on the action of cavitation waves, this technology activates lipolysis (or the destruction of fat) in the adipocytes.

The objectives are the progressive remodeling of the silhouette by reducing fat, the elimination of adipose fibro-nodules, oxygenation and revascularization of the skin, drainage, reactivation of circulation and improvement of tissue tone and elasticity.

The power-plate

The power-plate is a vibrating plate on which exercises are performed. Thanks to this revolutionary machine, you can, according to your needs, muscularize, tone up and of course reshape your silhouette.

The Power Plate emits continuous vibrations. These accelerations diffuse an “imbalance-balance” throughout the body which favors muscular contractions at a rate of 25 to 50 per second. Thus, all muscles, from the abdominals to the triceps and the buttocks are stimulated. The posture that one adopts on the tray determines the parts of the body to be worked on.

Specialists recommend holding the same position for about 30 seconds for each exercise. A session, taking into account changes in position and breaks, lasts about 30 minutes and is practiced two to three times a week.

This method makes it possible to deeply muscle many parts of the body and maintain health in a minimum amount of time (20 minutes of work on a Power Plate is equivalent to an hour and a half of traditional training) and without pain. The training will increase the expenditure of calories and allow the body to burn more fat.


Thanks to the vibrations, the physical exercises, associated with the massage and drainage plans will, initially, reduce water retention and boost blood circulation in the tissues, to destroy fat deposits and erase the orange peel effect.

The luxomed

It is a technique that will stimulate the different acupuncture points via an infrared beam. The goal is to correct a functional imbalance of certain organs: hormonal, digestive or lymphatic systems for example. The energy of the LUXO® infrared radiation is transferred to the nerve endings that make up the reflex point.

Weight loss

The LUXO® cure – sessions with a LUXO® dietary guide and personalized follow-up – will help to bring about a profound and lasting change in eating habits and to achieve a healthy weight by returning to a rate of 3 to 4 kilos per month.

The LUXO® sessions have the following objectives:

  • to reduce compulsive behaviors (snacking, sweet or fatty foods…)
  • to regain satiety, restore transit and reduce retentions.


The LUXO® Cure aims to deeply relax by releasing tension, improving sleep and mood. It helps to improve hindsight from daily life as well as the ability to organize and concentrate.

Wellness Menopause

The cure aims to reduce the discomfort of menopause, reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and improve sleep, mood and general fitness.


Face Rejuvenation

this treatment has the following objectives:

  • Decongest the tissues, lighten the complexion,
  • Drain dark circles and bags under the eyes,
  • Reactivates the natural production of collagen and elastin to restore suppleness, firmness and tension to the skin, thus reducing wrinkles.
    Smoking cessation assistance

90.5% downtime in 3 to 5 sessions

The LUXO® Cure takes place in 2 steps.

A weaning phase, in 3 to 5 sessions, one per day.

Its objective is :

  • to reduce the desire to smoke,
  • and to fight nervousness, irritability and excess appetite related to withdrawal.
    A 3-month personalized follow-up phase to help manage daily temptations and the risks of relapse (habits, stress, entourage…).

VIP Transion passive gymnastics

Electrodes are placed on the muscle inserts. The muscle will be stimulated via a current impulse and will contract by drawing energy from the body. This will obviously burn fat and amplify the following effects: Tightening, toning, slimming because elimination of fat, toxins and lactic acid by muscle twisting and improving the appearance of the skin by increasing the oxygenation of tissues.

  • ISOGEI Body and face treatment.
    Isogei is a powerful firming program. Passive gymnastics through isometric electrostimulation.

We are going to use it to lift the buttocks and breasts, redraw the abdominal strap, redo the oval of the face, tone up the neck,

  • LINFOGEI: Lymphatic drainage 10 times more powerful than manual drainage.
  • MICROGEI: The eraser of wrinkles. Microcirculation activator, only manual treatment, face, neck and décolleté.
    Here we use micro-electricity combined with activating bulbs for collagen and elastin production. Guaranteed radiance.
Treatment Price
Aromatic body René Guinot 75 minutes120 €
Back & Shoulders & Feet 50 minutes69 €
Lymphatic drainage44 €
Maximus radio-frequency arm113 €
Maximus radio-frequency large area155 €
Body peeling58 €
Power plate abo 10+2200 €
Power plate abo 20+5400 €
Back care (cleaning, peel, mask) 45 minutes68 €
VIP: passive gymnastics 10+1820 €

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