Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal by electrolysis

Specialized since 1970 in permanent hair removal by electrolysis, the effectiveness of this permanent hair removal method is undeniable.

Electrolysis allows the permanent elimination of the cells responsible for hair growth by inserting a filament into the hair follicle and applying an ultra-fast current adjusted according to the hair and the targeted area.

All skin and hair colors and regions can be treated effectively and without any compromise.

5 minutes15,5 €
15 minutes34 €
30 minutes60 €
60 minutes120 €

Pulsed light hair removal

Pulsed light hair removal destroys the root of dark hair.

The skin and the melanin in the hair transmit this energy to the hair bulb to atrophy it. Once destroyed in this way, the follicle can no longer generate new hair.

To have a good result you must have very dark hair and light skin.

In Motion Hair Removal: the latest technology effective on all phototypes and on all blond to black hairs.

Treatment Price
Half legs 260 €
Full legs 450 €
Bikini 150 – 220 €
Armpits 120 €
Back 357 €
Chin 110 €

Sugar hair removal

This method has become very popular in our institute. The sugar paste is 100% natural. It is based on thousand-year-old recipes from the Middle East and contains exclusively water and sugar, without any chemical, aromatic or coloring substances.

The paste is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. It can be applied to all areas. The paste is pushed inside the follicle, wraps the hair, surrounds it and lubricates it.

The extraction is done in the natural direction of hair growth. No broken hairs remain in the follicle. This technique does not cause redness or irritation of the skin.

A non-negligible advantage is the fact that it is not necessary to have a certain length of hair as with wax, the sugar effectively removes very short hairs.

The wax removes without strips.

We also suggest this method to teenagers for their first depilations and to people who want a complete depilation, because it is much less painful than waxing.

Treatment Price
Half legs44 €
Full legs79 €
Bikini35 €
Full bikini51 €
Armpits34 €
Half legs + bikini + underarms88 €
Back84 €
Full body220 €
Eyebrows16 €

Hot or warm waxing

With the heat of the hot wax, the pores of the skin dilate to facilitate the extraction of the smallest to the largest existing hair.

The warm wax is heated to a moderate temperature. It is perfect for those who react strongly to heat.

Disposable strips are used for hair removal.

Hygiene is perfect for all treated areas.

Treatment  Price
Half legs 30 €
Full legs 54 €
Bikini 24 €
Full bikini 50 €
Armpits 24 €
Half legs + bikini + underarms 63 €
Back 56 €
Full body 215 €
Eyebrows 16 €

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