New: OxyGeneo®

It is a treatment combining the internal production of oxygen in the skin, the microabrasion of the stratum corneum as well as the infusion of active ingredients in the deep layers of the skin.

A pleasant treatment that acts simultaneously on 3 levels for immediately visible results.

By combining the radiofrequency, the treatment improves the contours of the face, the skin appearance. The skin is fresh, young and radiant.

The TriPollar RF radio frequency is a new, highly advanced, non-invasive facial firming technology. The skin is heated in depth, which allows a tightening effect of the collagen fibers, making the skin firmer instantly. The radio frequency also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers for significant results in the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

The results are immediately visible and persist without surgery and without revalidation time.

In addition, ultrasound temporarily reduces the density of the layers of the skin, in this way spaces are formed between the cells. The active ingredients can therefore penetrate deeper into the skin. The active principles are composed of small molecules which thus allow a better passage between the cells.

This process is safe and effective for all skin types and can be adapted for the most sensitive skin types.

It is also painless and provides a micro massage on the treated area, which stimulates the metabolism of the cells. The active ingredients are therefore well absorbed.


The microdermabrasion is the preventive and corrective treatment par excellence. It stimulates cell regeneration and the production of young cells.

Using either a jet of microcrystals projected onto the skin or a diamond head, microdermabrasion removes all dead cells.

From the first treatment, the skin is more radiant, softer and visibly exfoliated.


Mesotherapy can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands.

The goal is to nourish the dermis and stimulate cell growth.

It gives a real boost to the epidermis.

Mesotherapy is ideal for revitalizing the skin.

It will be better hydrated and more elastic, while becoming smoother.

Skin Smoothing

The dermolissage simultaneously combines microdermabrasion and infusion of active ingredients which moisturizes to regenerate and deep cleanse the skin.

A diamond head abrades the superficial cells of the epidermis by a non-invasive action and at the same time an infusion of a topical solution adapted to the skin takes place.

This treatment stimulates cell renewal and boosts the natural production of collagen.

The result is rejuvenated, luminous and smoother skin.


The ultrasound is one of the most used in aesthetic treatments.
Often used after microdermabrasion, the action of US stimulates cells by generating a regenerating effect and allows the products applied to penetrate deeply.

US is used for deep cleansing and hydration, to soften dark spots, increase skin elasticity and prevent and reduce wrinkles.

The US is also very effective in the treatment of acne.


The microneedling uses microneedles, which are applied on wrinkles from your face.

This treatment will have an intense regenerative effect, increasing the production of collagen and elastin which will reduce your wrinkles and make the skin smoother.

This method helps to reduce scars and acne, and reduce skin pigmentation.

With its rejuvenating and lifting effect, microneedling helps give your skin a real youthful look.


This method improves the texture and radiance of the skin. The effect is immediate, very natural, but transient.

The skin will appear smoother and clearer.

The sessions must be repeated to maintain the result.

Photorejuvenation is primarily intended for people whose skin has thinned with age and who have brown spots, sagging tissue, visible vessels or dilated pores.


Thanks to patented and exclusive LPG treatment heads, the endermology technique gently stimulates the skin to reactivate sleeping cell activity, naturally, without pain and without side effects.

The target cells thus awakened operate from the inside a real metamorphosis of the skin for visible anti-aging results.

The LPG treatment head equipped with sequential motorized valve technology stimulates the fibroblasts (youth cells) which then relaunch the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, substances essential for firmness, volume and flexibility. the skin.

Facials René Guinot

Discover the new Guinot device in our institute.

This method improves the texture and radiance of the skin. The effect is immediate, very natural, but transient.

The skin will appear smoother and clearer.

The sessions must be repeated to maintain the result.

Photorejuvenation is primarily intended for people whose skin has thinned with age and who have brown spots, sagging tissue, visible vessels or dilated pores.


– Anti-Wrinkles
– Age Logic Anti-aging
– Sun preparation / repair
– Soothing
– Nutrition
– Purity
– Brightening

With age, the muscles work less, the skin loses tone and the contours of the face sag.

The Hydradermie Lift acts deeply by lifting and refining the features by stimulating the muscles of the face and anti-aging drainage.
In a few minutes, the face looks younger, visibly lifted.

Hyaluronic acid and the unique hydrocyte complex that replenish the skin cells with water. These two assets have exceptional power on cells.

Deep cleansing to allow the skin to breathe and be more receptive to skin care products.

Anti-aging Drainage which will visibly loosen tensions and refine features by improving skin microcirculation.

Muscle Stimulation specifically works the muscles of the face to increase their tone, naturally raises the features at the end of the treatment.

Dynamic Ionization to facilitate the diffusion of the care active ingredients of the gel serum selected according to your beauty objective.
The Thermal Electrode will stimulate cell activity through heat; wakes up the radiance of the skin by promoting the oxygenation of the cells and the cutaneous microcirculation.

The Relaxation massage relaxes the features and promotes subcutaneous circulation. Your skin radiates a new radiance. Your beautician will choose the Hydradermie care products according to your beauty goals and your skin type after the consultation.

At the end of the treatment, you will feel that your skin is already more hydrated, more comfortable, and in a mirror you will be able to see that your skin has regained its luminosity.

Sisley Treatment

We have the exclusivity for the fabulous Sisley plumping treatment with black rose.

It is an extremely pleasant and effective treatment! For this treatment, Sisley has created an exceptional beauty ritual. A synergy of powerful anti-aging active ingredients, aromatherapy and a powerful massage technique.

A true beauty rendezvous, this journey of softness and pleasure refreshes the face, smoothes features and reveals the radiance of your skin. The complexion is refreshed, the skin plumped, signs of fatigue and signs of aging fade

2B Bio Peeling

Want to change the skin? 2B Bio Peeling is a product used in manual micro-dermabrasion (without the use of equipment).

This method of abrasion of the surface of the epidermis aims to remove the dead cells that form the stratum corneum.

Unlike other peel treatments which only work on the surface, 2B Bio Peeling triggers the exfoliation process from within.

Your skin is deeply purified, cell metabolism is reactivated, enlarged pores are tightened and pigmentation is reduced.

A dazzling result that immediately illuminates you.

Salin de Biosel

Our organic brand, based on Chinese philosophy, works
according to Yin and Yang in their à la carte treatments.
These are specific treatments adapted to each skin problem.
without apparatus but with many different massage and
drainage techniques

Treatment Price
Hydrafacial 171-85 €
Guinot Hydradermie Jeunesse 99 €
Guinot Hydradermie – Lift ++ 149 €
Guinot Age Summum 120 € 
Guinot Hydra Summum
120 €
Germaine de Capuccini 120 – 300 €
Lift6 74 €
Microdermabrasion 92 €
Microdermabrasion + Ultrasound 120 €
Microdermabrasion + Mesotherapy € 156
Sisley – Great Botanical Treatment 180 €
Microneedling àp189  €
2B Bio Peeling 103 €
Salin de Biosel 91 – 128 €
Photo-Rejuvenation Hands – Face – Décolleté 99 – 235 €
Radiofrequency 199 – 255 €

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