Privacy policy

Privacy policy of customers’ personal information is implemented very carefully and ensures the interests of customers.

Aim to bring the best website to every customer. HotelGruber always ensures that the transportation stages, as well as the privacy policy of customers, are very careful. Read the article below to find out!
The company only keeps information while making payment transactions on the website and information stored on customers’ paid orders. As for other information, the company is not kept.

Customers can promptly notify the company website of the illegal use, abuse, breach of security, information retention of the third party to take appropriate measures.

HotelGruber only uses customers’ information at necessary times such as: providing services, designing well-informed websites, sending notices on information exchange activities.
Time to store customer information: the company will not store customer information until the customer no longer uses the company’s services.
The address of the unit that collects and manages personal information